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-krs 1.0

ARTIST/DMG FOUNDER -Krs 1.0, obtained her degree from the Art Institute of Philadelphia with an emphasis on Music & Video Production & Business. Not only does -krs 1.0 have many years of experience in various fields of mixed media, but she is also self-taught in print making, screen printing, heat press vinyl printing, painting, graphic design, and photography. -Krs 1.0 has been producing art since childhood, choosing the appropriate medium according to how she feels the art can best be portrayed. She considers her art to be her visual voice for the views she has of the world, when words just arent enough. For many years, she considered this a personal exploration into her thoughts, to better improve her experiences through life. In time, friends & family slowly witnessed pieces that they felt intrigued by. With the ongoing persistence of the people around her, -krs 1.0 slowly started making her mark in the public eye by displaying her work in local coffee shops & bars with rewarding response. In 2009 she created Deadfish Media Group. A collaborative effort of mixed media artists who share a common thread: To provide quality art with meaning, and to share it with the world. Krs 1.0 & DMG is dedicated to enhancing the abilities within our communities to reveal a true human spirit, so we can all thrive peacefully within our world. From this philosophy, two branches of DMG were developed, Unfortunate American Design Company & Primitive Clothing Art. -Krs 1.0 continues to redefine her art, utilizing a No Limits philosophy in the creation process, using both surroundings and todays controversial social issues as her muse, her art is an endless illustration in the evolution of life as we all know it. Krs 1.0 currently resides and operates out of Phoenixville, PA.